Welcome to Detector Center!


Detector Center is a metal detector repair facility located in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania.  Our primary focus is the repair of Minelab metal detectors as their USA Authorized Service Center.   We service products for Minelab that are both in and out of warranty.  

However, we also offer modifications to some Minelab detectors and have available some service parts available for those wanting to complete their own repairs.

Examples of modifications would include:

  • Excalibur coil changes
  • Excalibur headphone modifications and changes
  • Excalibur power cable updates
  • Excalibur in-line coil connectors
  • Minelab WM10 and WM12 battery replacements
  • The addition of Anderson detector shafts, knobs, and other accessories to the Excalibur series

Check out the cost estimate page for cost estimates for repairs or modifications. all service parts and accessories available for purchase directly have prices are clearly marked on the Parts and Accessories pages, accessed via a tab above this article in the menu bar.



For Minelab repairs, we serve the USA only.  To set up a repair for a Minelab product, please call 877-767-6522 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up your RMA prior to shipping.  For repairs and parts outside of this area, please visit www.minelab.com for contact information for repairs in any other region of the world.