Minelab Pro-Sonic Transmitter Replacement Battery

Minelab Pro-Sonic Transmitter Replacement Battery

SKU : Minelab_Pro-Sonic_Transmitter_Replacement_Battery

Pro-Sonic Transmitter Replacement Battery



This is a replacement battery for the Pro-Sonic wireless module TRANSMITTER.   The battery is the same capacity as the original and will give the same run time as the factory installed battery.   To make these work properly the installation needs to be done here at Detector Center, so the price listed includes installation and return shipping.   So send it in and we will get your module working again!


You can set up a ticket before or after purchase.... if you purchase prior to the ticket creation be sure to mention that you have paid for the replacement already via the shopping cart.


Warranted for 1 year from date of purchase if installed by Detector Center.   

Note that the installation of this will void any remaining Minelab Factory Warranty on the WM Module; however if it is still under warranty contact Minelab for a repair using factory parts.